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Holy Family Hospital and Medical Center, Methuen, MA

50th Anniversary Campaign

Client Goals

  1. To use the anniversary as a focal point for community outreach and fundraising
  2. To distinguish its programs and services from the competition

JMN Approach

  1. JMN Publications created a 50th Anniversary Identity that built upon a prominent element from the existing hospital logo. This new, more contemporary anniversary logo Ė which conveyed sophistication and quality Ė replaced the standard hospital logo on all advertising, letterhead, and promotional materials for the year. Durable flag banners sporting the new logo were suspended from all lampposts lining the hospital driveways, creating a celebratory atmosphere throughout the campus.

  2. 50th anniversary campaign logo

  3. Rather than serve as a retrospective for the past 50 years, the Annual Report demonstrated how the hospital was poised for the future. A focal point of the report was the state-of-the-art neurosurgical technology that doctors used to help Michael J. Fox cope with his Parkinsonís Disease

  4. back to the future image

  5. Throughout the year, the hospital hosted community outreach activities designed to educate the public on key health issues and raise awareness of the hospital, its medical staff, and services. Special celebratory and fundraising events were held, and key departments were highlighted in lobby displays.

  6. 50th anniversary image

  7. Media relations worked in tandem with other elements of the campaign to create awareness and a sense of excitement. Feature stories emphasizing the hospitalís advanced technology were pitched to area newspapers and television stations, resulting in major print articles and a New England Cable News segment on the hospitalís neurosurgical capabilities.

Results - The hospital experienced its strongest fiscal year ever, achieving record revenues, surgical procedures, and patient volume. Contributions to the hospital topped $1,000,000, with its annual walk-a-thon raising a record $300,000.


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